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Online Streaming Events

Over the last 12 months, virtual events have become the go-to for keeping your people talking. You can’t afford to stop collaborating and engaging.

JHAV has everything you need to deliver an online event from an initial concept through to delivery and post event evaluation.

Our animation shows some of the many options available for your online event. We provide full support through the process of delivering a successful online event.

What’s the best option for me?

You might be unsure of what your best option is; how will you reach your audience, and how will taking your event online benefit you? JHAV have over two decades of successful event delivery experience, and we take you through every step to deliver your own successful online event. Here are some things to think about:

  • What type of event are you hosting; who are my audience? Is it a public or private event? Should I charge for access, or monetise through other means? What do I need to do to grab my audience’s attention, and what would keep them engaged and coming back?
  • Event design and branding; bring your physical image online, brand your event, spread your message. Incorporate a homogenous brand identity across your entire online presence.
  • Managing your audience; do they need to register and log in? Can they choose what sessions they want to attend, or do you want to put the right people together, so great things can happen. From simple email invites to bespoke micro sites that your audience can navigate through built to any budget.
  • The host with the most; Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Teams are all platforms and portals for your audience to view your content and virtually engage. You may want a custom event website that your audience can login to access all the supporting content that comes with your event.
  • JHAV will take you through the process of choosing how your audience will view and interact with your event. We ensure that your audience get the best user experience for the type of event you’re planning.
  • Audience engagement; there are many ways to interact with your audience, such as dedicated Q&A sessions, on-the-fly polling, or simple chat functionality. Split your audience into breakout sessions and bring them back into the plenary session to collate findings and results.

Clients ask us ‘will I get the same audience figures?’, and ‘will my audience’s experience be affected?’. We have found when our clients hybridise their events, or take them fully online, they increase audience numbers, increase their retention figures, and expand their online and social media reach!

If you build it, they will come

We take events online. We have the knowledge, resources, and expertise. We take these unique talents and take the face to face engagement we know works and wrap it up into a product that can be delivered through the World Wide Web.

Just because you are not there, doesn’t mean you weren’t there.

  • Awards ceremonies
  • Corporate events & conferences
  • Workshops & training sessions
  • Live musical performances
  • Life events such as birthdays, weddings & funerals

To discuss a tailored solution that meets your events needs get in touch with the team.

Why choose JHAV to deliver your online event?

Simply put, we have decades of experience in delivering successful events time after time, taking your event online is just another way for you to engage with your audience.

  • When you work with JHAV you have access to all of our knowledge and experience. You’ll be put in the hands of a team of creative project managers, delivery experts, and technical specialists who will help you design, develop and deliver your event.
  • We don’t use what is to hand, we use the right tools for your specific requirements our technical and delivery team are constantly evaluating the next big thing to see how this will make our shows better.

There’s more than one way to crack a virtual nut

  • You’re the client, you’re in charge and we have the means to keep you informed along the delivery path. With a dedicated project manager and constant link to control giving you a means of instant communication, monitoring your attendee registration and sign up figures, virtual logistics getting your audience moving around your virtual event, planning, rehearsals and post event reporting, your event will go smoothly for all involved.
  • JHAV have multiple online event control rooms at our offices that can support your event and deliver it to anywhere in the world.
  • JHAV have the equipment and expertise to bring the production to you, from a straight forward piece to camera or if you want a bespoke TV studio with a dynamic backdrop using video screen.
  • JHAV stock a range of 4K & HD cameras, video mixers, monitors, green screens, digital backdrops. Along with staging elements and audio solutions that can be tailored to create a bespoke technical solution for your event.
  • Our creative team can design around your brand static or dynamic backgrounds , customized titles, films, editing of pre-existing content and animated content. You’re creating your online presence, it’s got to look right.

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